Costumes for Women – Female Nerd Costume Ideas

Costumes for Women – Female Nerd Costume Ideas

Thinking of what to wear to look nerdy for a costume party? Consider going for nerd costumes for women. These costumes are not just perfect for costume parties, but also for Halloween. They offer an exciting way to look different from the rest. Keep reading to learn the tricks and tips for this costume.

Clothing Ideas

When trying to copy a nerd, you can put on pants or skirt. And, the perfect skirt in this case would be a medium length plaid skirt pulled up high around the waist. Pants should be worn a couple of inches very short – this is also known as floods.

You should put on a button-up shirt to complement your skirt or pair of pants. Make sure you button up in a crooked manner. In essence, don’t button up in order. A bow tie will complement your shirt more appropriately for nerd dressing up.

Wear plain black dress shoes or penny loafers on your feet, along with mid-calf socks (preferably white).

Nerd Hair Ideas

You need to complement your nerd clothing with the right hairdo. A lot of hair gel is required to come up with a nerdy hair. Style your hair in straight-down ponytail or pig tails if your hair is long. As said earlier, you need plenty of gel to achieve a slicked-down hair prior to pulling it up in a ponytail style.

If your hair is short, a great hairdo to mimic nerdy hair is to part it down the middle, slicking it straight down. Use petite bows on the sides of your head. These hairdos are very appropriate for nerd costumes for women.


For a nerd fashion, two accessories are suitable and necessary. They are thick glasses with tape as well as suspenders. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing pants or skirts, suspenders would complement your nerd outfit.

Get the thickest possible glasses and place tape on the corners or middle of the pair of glasses. Band-aids can also be used where tape is not available. Usually, sunglasses feature the thickest frames. It is best to go for inexpensive sunglasses since you will be popping out the lenses to strike a nerd look.

You can choose to add extra accessories for your nerd dressing. Perfect ones would include carrying big books under the arm, holding a large calculator, a large-sized briefcase, a ruler, large backpack, large-faced watch and a pocket protector.

Some female folks may want to mimic a toothless nerd. In this case, use a black eyeliner to paint a tooth black after drying off the tooth with your finger. This will create an impression of missing tooth.

So, when you visit an online costume store to explore nerd costumes for women, you should leverage the ideas above.