Make Your Own Flapper Dresses

Make Your Own Flapper Dresses

Whether you want to mimic the 20s during Halloween or just get a flapper look, flapper dresses are great for these purposes. When it comes to the American style landscape, flappers are instantly recognizable as classic fixture. So, you will simply garner admiration by looking flapper.

Of course, flapper dressing style is very iconic. Subsequently you have to ensure that the key features of your clothing reflect the flapper look appropriately. Keep reading to learn how to put a flapper dress together to achieve a flapper girl look.

Tip #1: Go for the Appropriate Silhouettes

The dress is the core of a flapper look, particularly the shift dress. Particularly, you should ensure your flapper dress highlights a drop waist – dropping to the hips. Other essential features you should highlight on flapper dresses will include;

  • No sleeves or minimal sleeves
  • Scooped neckline that shows your shoulders and neck
  • Vertical straight lines loosely hanging around your body
  • Hemline that falls above the knees or just at the knees

Tip #2: Decide on your Flapper Dress Style

The next step to making your own flapper dress is to choose your own style. Typically, there are two options when it comes to classic flapper dress – they are beaded shift dress and fringed dress. So, you should choose between the two.

If you decide to go for fringe, you should consider going for something really unique such as an Egyptian inspired embellishments and designs. In fact, Egyptian inspired fringe-styled flapper dresses were popular back in the days.

For the classic fringe flapper dress, it’s better to buy ready-made piece than making one from the scratch. And, you should go for a vintage color such as silver, gold, white or black.

Go ahead and implement these tips for making flapper dresses.